Introducing Drew Pietrafesa

Drew Pietrafesa is an American designer of high jewelry. Committed to design innovation and gemological excellence, the wearable works of art that he creates are cherished by his clients. As a natural born creator, Drew has a unique talent for curating only the finest elements. The cut, color, clarity and shape of a stone, the particular finish of a precious metal and the very geometry at the heart of a design are masterfully balanced in each piece. Drew was drawn to the world of fine jewelry after catching a glimpse of a rare blue sapphire from Madagascar. He quickly became enraptured by the beauty of precious gems, the art of workmanship and the culture of the industry, but wanted to do more. Seeing an opportunity to break the mold, Drew is, quite literally, turning the industry upside down through his design work. Rarely found in contemporary jewelry, his collection of reverse-set inverted diamond pieces is both unexpected and timeless. Drew’s background in digital design enables him to conceptualize and execute sophisticated designs for his clients, giving them a degree of service and quality unrivaled in the space. Personally, Drew is grounded by strong family values and has a deep appreciation for traditional jewelry messaging. This foundation of trust and dedication is reflected in all of his work, regardless of the design. “Jewelry can connect you to the past while it illuminates the future; it both conveys and evokes emotion like few tangible things can” says the passionate designer. Drew has been designing bridal and gala jewelry for his private clients since 2016. He also enjoys revitalizing estate (previously-owned) jewelry. The ability to create something new, or to reinvigorate something old, is especially appreciated by his clients. Away from the atelier, Drew is an avid automobile enthusiast, who loves collecting works of art, antiques and writing poetry. Drew Pietrafesa is currently entertaining inquiries for his design services at